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WPX1 Stepper motor


Geared motor Specification

Geared motor model FB FA

Hybrid stepper motor &

1:64 Gear ratio

Hybrid stepper motor &

1:8 Gear ratio

Number of phases and motor type 2 phase/BI polar system
Rated Voltage 1.92V
Rated Current 0.8A/Phase
Step Angle 0.0141°(Half step) 0.1125°(Half step)
RPM 0 to 20rpm 20 to 150rpm
Duty  Ratio Max.  50%
Resistance 2.4Ω±10%
Inductance 2.5mH
Motor Insulation Class B
Motor  operating  temperature less than 80℃
Life 5,000hr (Geared motor)  *Not a guaranteed value.
<1-2P Drive Method>
F-Low(Initial speed) 500Hz (pps)
F-Hight(Operetion speed) over 1000Hz(pps) use     Max: 8000Hz(pps)
Acceleration/Deceleration Time

The given value from 0.1 to 0.5s or 1.0s

(When the Pump load is high, set the acceleratioin time longer.)

Operetion current

Any value below the Maximum rating.

FA,FB motor: 0.8A

Rating rotation

FB motor  with 1:64gear 【0~20rpm ⇒ 0~8533Hz(1-2P)】

FA motor  with 1:8gear 【20~150rpm ⇒ 1066~8000Hz(1-2P)】

Stepper Motor & Gear  WP1000/1100

The characteristic of our Peristaltic Pump products is an initial hight torque value. It's about 2 or 3 times higher

compared to the torque required to maintain a constant velocity once the tube has conformed to the shape of the roller.

When you have a step-motor driven by a high frequency, it is necessary to apply the frequency described  in above.

In deceleration, the frequency can be reduced gradually as well as in acceleration or within being cut off suddenly.



One point advice

If Pump load is high and rotor does not work, please try to apply 10-20% higher current than rated current of motor during the acceleration of trapezoidal drive above. Once Pump reaches at the constant speed, please set it back to the rated current.


Flow amount benchmark (flow amount per rotation)
Inside diameter of tube (inches)









Number of rollers 2 4


4 2 4 2 4
Flow amount (mL) 0.17 0.15 0.35 0.3 0.6 0.5 1.2 0.9
Caution: The above table describes the initial benchmark flow amounts during water suction. This may vary considerably depending on the tube type, use period, ambient temperature, and lot tolerances, etc.  Measure the specifications with reasonable leeway.

Dimensions (unit: mm)

Motor wiring terminal dimensions diagrams


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