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WELCO established in Tokyo, Japan


Delivered a train information display system for the Japan Rail (JR) bullet train between Tokyo and Hakata


Developed and launched a telemeter system for tunnel engineering


Developed and launched a LAN system for factories


Delivered a telemeter system for tunnel engineering in the Dover Straits

1991.4 Started development of peristaltic pump
1992.9 Launched chemical dispensers for commercial dishwashing machines
1993.8 Launched chemical dispensers for laundry machines
1996.9 Obtained patent for laundry’s waste water neutralization system
1997.6 Developed and launched high-perfomance WP1000 peristaltic pump
1998.5 Obtained US and Japanese design patent for high-perfomance WP1000 peristaltic pump
1999.10 WP1000 peristaltic pump won Good Design Award
2000.4 Developed and launched the compact WPX1 peristaltic pump
2000.10 Developed and launched an ultra-compact chemical despenser unit for commercial dishwashing machines
2003.8 Developed and launched an automated cleaning fluid supply device for coin laundries
2006.3 Stepper motor lineup introduced for the WP1000 and WPX1 peristaltic pumps
2008.4 Moved to new company premises
2010.4 Developed and launched the high-performance WP-1100 peristaltic pump
2010.6 Obtained ISO9001:2008 certification
2010.9 Developed and launched the ultra-compact WPM peristaltic pump
2011.6 Yuichi Kon succeeded Yukio Kon as President and Chief Exective Officer