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WPX1 Products features


Compact Peristaltic Pump

Maintenance without using tools
Handy mounting configuration


As the cap can be mounted and removed manually without using tools,
maintenance such as tube replacement can be performed speedily.


Space-saving Compact design Handy size.

Performance and durability is equivalent to the WP1000, while achieving an compact 46-mm size that fits in the palm of your hand, thus creating space with the equipment for more effective use.


One-touch mounting without using tools
Easy setting mechanism

Performing the specified shape processing on the mounting parts enables an all-in-one “easy setting mechanism”, which can be mounted merely by inserting main unit into the base. The unit can be fixed without using other parts or tools. Removal can also be performed easily merely by operating the front panel.


Color variation

A 5-color lineup: Different colors can be used to identify different liquids.

Color variation