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WELCO seeks only one rather than number one.
WELCO responds to customer’s needs.
WELCO carries the brand “Made in Japan”
WELCO helps to discover new business opportunities.
These tasks have encouraged us to manufacture innovative products.
Since our establishment in 1971, WELCO has reacted to market’s
demand and provided high quality products.
Since 1991, the development of peristaltic pumps made WELCO grow rapidly.
For the 21st century, where the time and market are always expected to be changing.
WELCO will keep working to contribute to people,business and community by creating
“one and only” products based on our technologies and experiences.
As the leading company of peristaltic pumps, WELCO makes products that pump your needs.
This is WELCO’s mission.






Consulting / Build to order

Consistent production processes /

integrated management system

Consideration for the environment

Contribution to society

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