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WPM Series name


WPM1(チューブポンプ) シリーズ  
Super Engineering Plastics
Super engineering plastic, having excellent corrosion resistance, are used for the main tube parts and enable the pumps to be used with strong acids, strong alkalis,and chemical solutions that erode general-purpose plastic. The heat resistance is also excellent, use in various environments can be supported.
Fluid temperature 5℃ to 50℃
Material (Pump parts) PSU (Cassette/Rotor/Base), POM (Roller,etc)
Autoclave Not Available



WPM2(チューブポンプ) シリーズ  
Compatible with autoclave sterilization (WPM2 model)
All parts of the WPM2 pump cassette are made of super engineering plastic  that has excellent heat resistance. Autoclave sterilization can now be performed on industrial-use compact-size peristaltic pumps. Pump operation supports liquid solution temperatures of up to 80℃.
Fluid temperature 5℃ to 80℃
Material (Pump parts) PSU (All parts)
Autoclave Autoclave condition: 0.1MPa, 121℃, 20min  Only the Pump parts.


Note: Autoclave sterilization is assumed to be performed under the conditions of 0.1MPa (121℃) for 20 minutes.
Number of autoclave is supposed less than 30 times.(except pump tube) 

If the actual conditions will exceed these values, be sure to perform a confirmatory evaluation. Even when using tubing that can be autoclaved, performing the autoclave sterilization process while the tubing is fitted to the pump may cause the flow rate to change. If this is a concern, remove the tubing and sterilize separately.


General specification

Model name WPM1 WPM2

Recommended installation height

2 meter ( 6.8 ft.) max (Water suction)
Liquid temperature range 5-50°C (32 to 122°F) 5-80°C (32 to 176°F)
Environment temperature range

0-50°C (32 to 122°F) (Note: Freezing must be prevented.)

Ambient humidity range

20-85% RH (Note: Condensation must be prevented.)

Max. Discharge pressure 90kPa (Pharmed BPT) Silicone 80kPa or less
Max. Suction pressure -90kPa (Pharmed BPT) Silicone -80kPa or less
Autoclave Not Available Autoclave condition: 0.1MPa, 121°C,
20min  Only the Pump parts.
Material (Pump parts) PSU (Cassette/Rotor/Base)
POM (Roller,etc)
PSU (All parts)
Certifications & Approvals


*UL: Except CA type

using screws (unit: mm)

using screws

one-touch mounting (unit: mm)

one-touch mounting

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