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WPM Products features

WPM 製品紹介 TOP

Ultra-compact body and high-performance.

38 mm diameter ultra-compact full-spec model

To meet worldwide needs, all parts have been newly developed
from their raw materials. By adopting many new mechanisms
and utilizing high-precision molding technology to realize
multi-functional components, an ultra-compact body has been realized
that achieves high performance, high stability and space savings.

Super Engineering Plastic


Super engineering plastic, having excellent corrosion resistance,

are used for the main tube parts and enable the pumps to be used with strong acids, strong alkalis, and chemical solutions that erode general-purpose plastic. The heat resistance is also excellent, use in various environments can be supported.

Free mounting configuration

A “Free mounting mechanism”, which applies a bayonet configuration that is also used in mounting and removing camera lenses, is used in the base. As the cassette can be mounted and removed manually without using tools, maintenance such as tube replacement can also be performed speedily.

Free mounting configuration


Compatible with autoclave sterilization
(WPM2 model) Special order item

All parts of the WPM2 pump cassette are made of super engineering plastic that has excellent heat resistance.
Autoclave sterilization can now be performed on industrial-use compact-size peristaltic pumps.
Pump operation supports liquid solution temperatures of up to 80°c.

*Colors and sizes of actual products may differ slightly due to printing condition.

Color variation

A 10-color lineup that can be classified for use according to the type of liquids used.

Color variation