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WPM DC Brush Motor & Gear


Geared motor Specification

-90KPa (Pharmed BPT)Scroll Table

Geared motor model AA/AB/BA/BB CA
 Max. Discharge pressure *1 90KPa (Pharmed BPT)
Max. Suction pressure *   -90KPa (Pharmed BPT)
Duty Cycle 50%
Motor  operating  temperature Less than 60℃
Operating  noise *2 Approx. 52dB (JIS B 8310: 1985)
Geared motor endurance *3 More than 1500hr More than 1000hr
Tubing endurance *3 More than 750hr (Pharmed BPT)
Operating external temperature 0℃ to 50℃ (No condensation, No freezing)
Operating humidity 20% to 85% (No condensation)
Standard UL / CE / RoHS Compliant CE / RoHS Compliant

*1. The consumption current described above is the value during normal operations.
An approximately threefold inrush current occurs during rotation startup.

*2. Measurement conditions for the pump noise level conform to JIS B 8310: 1985.

*3. The values indicated for durable service life are not guaranteed. The data shown is the result of tests performed by flowing distilled water under the conditions of 20℃ room temperature, and intermittent switched operation of 60 seconds ON and 15 seconds OFF. The results vary depending on the chemicals used, ambient temperature and humidity, and operating cycle conditions. Use the indicated values as guidelines.

12/24VDC Brush Motor & Gear


24VDC Brush Motor Gear
(medium speeds)

WPM DCブラシモータ BAグラフ


12VDC Brush Motor Gear
(medium speeds)

WPM DCブラシモータ BBグラフ


12VDC Compact Motor Gear
(medium speeds)

WPM DCブラシモータ CAグラフ


24VDC Brush Motor Gear
(low speeds)

Consumption current 100mA max


12VDC Brush Motor Gear
(low speeds)

Consumption current 150mA max

*1. Above data is measured under 100mNm dummy load added condition.
Depends on tube material assembled in pump, torque load will change, influences to motor rpm.
And the temperature of the motor affects to motor rpm also.

*2. Minimum operating voltage may change by tube material, size and ambient temperature.

*3. Short circuit between terminals may occur due to end of motor life or short circuit between commutator slits by specific operating environment and condition. In order to prevent circuit burnout, please take protective measures such as using fuses.

*4. The lowest operation voltage may vary depending on the tube type, tube size, ambient temperature, etc.
Please contact your sales representative to get help when you operate by lower voltage.

Please consider these points, we recommend to test enough under your own condition.

Dimensions (unit: mm)



Motor wiring terminal dimensions diagrams

12 or 24VDC Brush Motor

WPM DCブラシモータ モータ結線図

12VDC Compact Brush Motor

WPM DCブラシモータ モータ結線図