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WP1000/1100 DC Brushless Motor & Gear

WP10 - P 1/8 (CM) 2 - W4 - B P

Geared motor Specification

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Geared motor model CM CD NEW! CL
Configuration Brushless motor & 1:64 Gear head Brushless motor & 1:42 Gear head Brushless motor & 1:8 Gear head
Operation Voltage *1 DC16V to DC24V DC16V to DC24V DC16V
Current *2 Less than 400mA Less than 600mA Less than 800mA
Pump Rev. Approx. 47 to 70rpm at DC16 to 24V(100mNm Load) Approx. 78 to 117rpm at DC16 to 24V(100mNm Load) Approx. 348rpm at DC16V(100mNm Load) *2
Rotatory direction CW
Motor operating temperature *3 less than 70℃
This motor is equipped with an IC inside its casing.
When the drive IC reaches a predefined temperature,
the motor power shuts down automatically.
There is no guarantee that a power motor
having been shutdown due to temperature will be reusable.
Motor lock protection 2sec TYP
If the motor locks up, the motor power will shut down within a predefined time.
The motor will restart upon power-up.
Life 5,000hr (Geared motor) *Not a guaranteed value.

*1.The lowest operation voltage may vary depending on the tube type, tube size, ambient temperature, etc.
Please contact your sales representative to get help when you operate by lower voltage.

*2.Caution: The consumption current described above is the value during normal operations.
An approximately threefold inrush current occurs during rotation startup.

*3.The flow rate of the CL (1/4") type is lower than the value calculated
by the flow rate per rotation number of rotations, and is approximately 700mL per minute.

Flow amount benchmark (flow amount per rotation)

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Inside diameter of tube (inches) 1.6mm
Number of rollers 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 -
WP1000 Flow amount (mL) - 0.2 0.5 0.45 0.9 0.8 1.45 1.2 1.95 1.6 3.0 -

Caution :The above table describes the initial benchmark flow amounts during water suction. This may vary considerably depending on the tube type, use period, ambient temperature, and lot tolerances, etc. Measure the specifications with reasonable leeway.

Dimensions (unit: mm)


Motor wiring terminal dimensions diagrams

Motor wiring terminal dimensions diagrams

Circuit protection
This motor is not equipped with a circuit for protection against overvoltage and connection to terminals at the incorrect
polarity. Be careful not to apply surge voltages that exceed the rated voltage and not to connect to the incorrect polarity.