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Meeting the needs of all customers.

Proposals for "creating products based on marketing strategies".

We use not only high-grade hardware and software as our weapons,
but also consider strategies for improving our presence in the market based on analyzing competitors and
products from our customer’s viewpoint.
We contribute to our customer’s business through product manufacturing based on these ideas.

We respond best to customer's needs with our "build to order" method.

Our build-to-order business model differentiates from others as we comply with all of our customer’s needs.
We support our customer's businesses by providing the “only one” products.

WELCO products are used in various fields and industries.

Diagnostic devices, analytical instruments, printers, car washers, food processing, laundries, and many others.
WELCO’s consulting and “build to order” business models enable us to meet all of the customer’s needs and requirements.

  • Consulting / Build to order

    Consulting / Build to order

  • Consistent production processes /integrated management system

    Consistent production processes /integrated management system

  • Consideration for the environment<br />Contribution to society

    Consideration for the environment
    Contribution to society