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Our obsession with "made in japan" is reflected in each and every

one of our production processes and management systems.


WELCO is proud of our overwhelming share of the Japanese
market for peristaltic pumps. This makes the background of

“Made in Japan” very convincing. Our world-famous “development power”,

“technical power”, and “production management performance”

are the results of WELCO technologies and ideas.



Our best "compounded technologies"

support all product development.


“Compounded technologies” fused by software and new ideas meet the
needs of the modern era based on technologies and know-how in the
fields of function, chemistry, electronics, etc.
WELCO continues to pursue originality and revolutionary ideas that focus
on the next generation, as well as to strive rigorously for high quality.



WELCO's qualified developmental power,

which established the One Stop system.

During product development, each of our specialists: electrical, software, mechanical, product design, organic
chemistry and production technology, cooperatively implement all processes from product planning to mass
production trials using one system. WELCO’s advantage is in being able to supply products at reduced cost by
responding promptly to customer voices by taking responsibility for everything from planning to trial runs.
After-sales technical support is also provided by trained staff for long-term peace of mind.



WELCO's unique and consistent synchronous production system,

which pursues production efficiency, delivery speed, and quality control.

All production processes are 100% completed in our own factory. Even when various kinds
of products in small lots are requested, we can manufacture and deliver so fast it’s almost
“immediate”. Further, by promoting process management, an even more thorough quality
control can be achieved. The uniform management system for product information can be achieved
by using integrated management of product data, as well as visual inspections of each and every
product in the key processes. The infrastructure for implementing all processes in-house from production
through quality control is our highly effective weapon, which ensures high quality of our products.







Product planning, development,and prototype test

Product design by 3D-CAD
WELCO implements everything from planning to
development, prototype tests, and performance
checks based on customer information.
We respond to your needs promptly.

3D-CAD is used in the development of
configuration design, etc. Highly efficient designs
are achieved by mutually sharing tools with
cooperating companies such as mold




Performance evaluation design

Reliability tests

Mass production prototypes are tested in many
aspects such as durability, on the assumption of
standard specifications and use environments of
products, and further improvements are made
based on the results.



Even after production starts, testing continues,
to ensure enhancement of reliability, and to
respond to evolving market needs.
This is part of our relentless commitment to
continuous improvement.






Consulting / Build to order

Consistent production processes /

integrated management system

Consideration for the environment

Contribution to society

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