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WP1200 DC Brush Motor & Gear


Geared motor Specification

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Geared motor model AA BA
Rated voltage DC24V DC12V
RPM (load: 400mNm) 230rpm(24V input) 230rpm(12V input)
Recommended voltage 12V-24V 6V-12V
Consumption current 1.0A 2.0A
Rotaly Direction CW,CCW
Motor operating temperature

less than 70°C (158°F)

Motor Insulation class A

The consumption current described above is the value during normal operations. An approximately threefold inrush current occurs during rotation startup. Avairable operating time: continuously Max 5 min, OFF Duty 50%.


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24VDC Brush Motor & Gear
12VDC Brush Motor & Gear
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Flow amount benchmark (flow amount per rotation)

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Tube inner diameter (mm) 7.9 8
Available tube material N, NF P
Wall Thickness (mm) 2.38 2.0
Flow amount (ml/rev) 5.9 5.25
Caution: The above table describes the initial benchmark flow amounts during water suction. This may vary considerably depending on the tube type, use period, ambient temperature, and lot tolerances, etc. Measure the specifications with reasonable leeway.

Dimensions (unit: mm)

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Motor wiring terminal dimensions diagrams