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WP1200 Products features

WP1200 Products features

A maximum of 1400 ml/min with a simple design and high performance.

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wp1200_detail_img_02.jpg Super Engineering Plastics

Super engineering plastics, having excellent corrosion resistance, are used for the main pump parts and enable the pumps to be used with strong acids, strong alkalis, and chemical solutions that erode general-purpose plastics. The heat resistance is also excellent, use in various environments can be supported.

*The chemical resistance is not guaranteed for all kinds of solutions.

*Please ask availability before using.





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wp1200_detail_img_02.jpg Easy mounting panel (Option)
The unit can be mounted by tightening screws easily.                                                                                     










Free mounting configuration

As the cassettes can be mounted and removed manually without using tools, maintenance such as tube replacement can also be performed speedily.


A wide array of colors

5 kinds of colors are line up depending on your use.