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WP1100 AC Synchronous motor


Geared motor Specification

Geared motor model EE EF
Configulation AC Synchronous Geared motor
Operation Voltage AC230V(220-240V) AC110V(110-120V)
Hertz 50Hz 50 / 60Hz
Input 8W
Pump Rev. 20rpm 18 / 22rpm
Direction of rotation CW
Drive Mode 5min (DUTY30%) *Operating continuously is not possible.
Motor Insulation Class F
Motor  operating  temperature less than 60
Life 2,000hr (Geared motor)     *Not a guaranteed value.
Condition : WELCO test mode




Flow amount benchmark (flow amount per rotation)
Tubing material Tubing size  I.D.(inch) Number of roller Flow amount (mL) 
S, P, N, F, NF, EL, XL 2.4mm (3/32”) 2 0.5
3.2mm (1/8”) 0.9
4.8mm (3/16”) 1.95
Caution: AC Synchronous Geared motor cannot be used with 4 rollers due to low torque.

Dimensions (unit: mm)

Cutting hole dimensions




Winding Diagram


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